We are a family company producing champignon cultivation substrate.
Many years of experience and our full commitment to production make our product the highest quality. See for yourself – we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.


About us

Our company operates since 1994.
We produce and sell substrate for champignon cultivation the so-called PHASE III with overgrown mycelium.


The substrate is a basic material for champignon production.
It is a strategic product that determines the harvest and quality of mushrooms.
The substrate is sold without packaging.
Feeder is added at customer’s request.

Straw purchase

Straw is the main substrate for production. Its quality affects the final product. We have our own machine park, which allows us to collect and press straw from farmland efficiently.

Why us:

Over 25 years of experience

Thanks to many years of practice, our substrate allows you to achieve high, best-quality mushroom yields throughout the whole year. We are supported by A group of long-term regular customers confirms quality of our services.

Because we are a family business

Our family has been involved in champignon cultivation and substrate for many years. We put maximum commitment and whole heart in our work to achieve the best cultivation results.

We use our substrate in our own farm

We have our own champignons cultivation farm – that allows us to monitor quality of the substrate.

Modernity and the desire to improve

Production takes place in modern production buildings based on the latest patterns of substrate production in the world.

Cultivation help

Many years of experience and owning champignons cultivation farm entitles us to give professional advice whenever there is such a need.

Professionalism and honesty in business

We, as professionals for many years, with hard work, commitment and honesty have built a strong position in the Polish champignons cultivation business.